The world we live in is going through more than one crisis simultaneously. Holocaust > Prominent public figure, international philanthropist, entrepreneur and investor. He is committed to progress and has greatly contributed to revitalising Jewish life in Europe and beyond. Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor is known for his extensive involvement in community life: Since 2007 - President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC), re-elected in December 2008; 2004-2007 - Chairman of the EJC Board of Governors. The EJC is a leading Jewish secular umbrella organisation that co-ordinates 40 national Jewish communities in Europe, encompassing 2.5 million Jews. The EJC’s goal is to address the world’s most pressing issues: protecting human rights, fighting xenophobia and anti- Semitism, promoting interfaith dialogue, implementing cultural and educational programmes, and remembering the Holocaust and other tragedies that claimed millions of human lives throughout the world.