The world we live in is going through more than one crisis simultaneously. The environmental crisis > The world we live in, our entire civilization, is going through more than one crisis simultaneously. The first is the so-called crisis of world order. Just a little more than twenty years ago, following the collapse of the world Communist system, mankind seemed to have no alternative to the global assertion of liberal democracy. However, reality proved far more complex than forecasts of “the end of history”. Political diversity spread through the world like a bush fire. This is no sign of a crisis in itself, but following the breakdown of the Yalta–Potsdam system no new world order that would be recognized as legitimate by all nations has ever taken shape. As a consequence, our world has not become more secure: simply, instead of one grave risk of a Third World War we now face a growing multitude of new challenges and diverse threats. They are increasingly more difficult to neutralize or contain; moreover, frequently it is really hard to recognize and rate them by importance, impact and the need for urgent response.  Admittedly, that has happened in large measure because the community of democratic nations was not ready to face up to new challenges, to the substitution of the ideas of aggressive nationalism and religious extremism, primarily militant Islamism and the “universal Caliphate”, for the ideology of worldwide communist expansion.