The world we live in is going through more than one crisis simultaneously. Mass starvation > In light of the real threat of a nuclear catastrophe the key players as represented by the US, the European Union, Russia, India, China and Israel should stop treating each other with distrust. To improve the national image, the new US Administration is trying, among other things, to stop confrontation with the Islamic world and enter a constructive dialogue with Iran. Some experts suggest that Iran should retain the right to continued uranium enrichment at the attained level. This may have the opposite result, especially if unaccompanied by tougher demands on other nuclear issues and readiness to apply the most rigorous sanctions. Tehran sees that as a manifestation of weakness and intends to push ahead with its nuclear programme. To avoid the catastrophe, the USA and Russia should necessarily reach an acceptable compromise on issues that have so far remained a source of considerable differences. Solidarity of the great powers – the permanent members of the UN Security Council – on the Iranian problem and their determination to adopt sanctions in case of need in accordance with Articles 41 and 42 of the UN Charter are the lever that may force Tehran to revise its nuclear policy. In this way alone can a new war be prevented inside and outside the region. Only in this case can Iran enter a serious dialogue with the six world powers a45nd the IAEA on nuclear problems instead of its current sham talks serving as a smokescreen for boosting its nuclear missile potential.