In the same way that the public mind avoids the main threat of the nuclear crisis, it is also unwilling to see the striking parallels between current processes and what happened in the 1920s and 1930s. Surging fascist sentiments in many countries prompted European governments at that time to adopt a policy of appeasement towards Nazism in Germany and fascism in Italy. Many people in the West are now deluding themselves with the possibility of appeasing militant Islamic fundamentalism in the naïve hope that it can be moderated, bribed and civilized through concessions and indulgences. At that time belated doubts about the fairness of the Treaty of Versailles prompted Europe and the Soviet Union to turn a blind eye to Germany’s full-scale war preparations. Now the admission that it was a mistake for the US and its allies to invade Iraq serves to justify inordinate tolerance of xenophobic statements by Iran and other Islamic regimes, of their open threats to destroy Israel and of their defiant apologia of the genocide of the Jews between 1933 and 1945. Inflating their complex of guilt towards Islamic nations, subjected in their time to European colonial rule, some influential non-governmental organizations (NGOs), mass media and The world we live in is going through more than one crisis simultaneously. Crisis of values >