Peace with the Palestinians is the key prerequisite for a transition to an assertive security policy. Israel should also continue its efforts to establish diplomatic and economic contacts with moderate Islamic states. 1. There is a paradoxical situation in the world. On the one hand, history has never seen so many politicians among the major national leaders who would be friendly towards Israel and the Jewish diaspora. On the other hand, anti-Israeli sentiments and the number of acts of anti- Semitism keep steadily growing. This can be explained by a fundamentally new phenomenon, a coordinated and well-financed campaign to discredit Israel and the Jews within civil societies with the help of NGOs. The Jews of the Diaspora, strewn around the world, can play an important role in the present situation. Jewish public organizations have the task of disseminating the ideas of tolerance, human rights and freedoms as far as possible. This presupposes a free and broad mind that would not be focused exclusively on Jewish problems. When combating extremism, not only anti-Semitism should be in focus but also more general threats, such as xenophobia, racism and human rights abuse. Sodom and Gomorrah burned in biblical fire and brimstone precisely for manifestations of xenophobia. The Jews of the Diaspora are obliged to fight these dangerous The world we live in is going through more than one crisis simultaneously. Terrorism threat >